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Leadership Development Training

Creating a 9-month leadership training & development program to up-skill managers in the areas of Culture, Talent, Organization & Team, and HR Compliance.  

Executive Assessment & Coaching

Conducting a live 360 degree evaluation, preparing a detailed assessment of strengths and opportunities, and providing bi-weekly coaching for the Chief Commercial Officer of a mid-sized company. 

"Culture Map" Facilitation

Facilitating a session between a Fortune 100 company and their international customer aimed at enhancing understanding of cultural differences and using that knowledge to improve working relationships.  Using The Culture Map by Erin Meyer as a guide.

NEW! HR Transformation

Guiding a Fortune 500 HR Team through an HR Transformation journey, utilizing a unique customer-focused approach ... designing a new service model that will deliver more specialized, higher-value HR services that are tailored to the unique needs of each internal customer group - Leaders, Managers and Employees.

BOLD Career Journey™ Workshop

Guiding a group of employees on their journey to "de-code the promotion puzzle" using Upstream HR Strategies' original-content BOLD Career Journey ™ Toolkit.

Manager Assimilation & Feedback Training

Introducing the New Manager Assimilation process, facilitating two NMA sessions and delivering a 2-hour leadership webinar on the Neuroscience of Feedback for a global wind energy company that is interested in developing a stronger feedback culture.

Mission & Approach


Our mission

We’ve made it our mission to delight customers with bold ideas and impact, expand the bounds of “traditional HR” and deliver uncommon HR service that will forever change the way you (and others) view our profession. 

Our approach: Impact | Innovation | Heart

We ask lots of questions and listen intently.  We dig deep to understand your business and your objectives so we can deliver maximum value and impact.

We blend deep domain expertise with innovation, curiosity and creative courage to delight you with unconventional wisdom and unexpected solutions.    

We lead with heart, always.  We engage and inspire others with contagious positive energy.  

Customers & Services

Organization Development

HR strategies to help businesses and organizations develop winning structures, develop leaders and talent and create an engaging culture.

Individual Development

Personalized coaching and support to help individuals decode the promotion puzzle and achieve career aspirations.  

HR Team Development

Customized solutions to transform your function and delight internal customers with uncommon HR service.

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