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BOLD Career Journey™

BOLD Decode the Promotion Puzzle

Decode the promotion puzzle with two BOLD moves

83% of employees say that career advancement is important to them, but only 20% are satisfied with how their company addresses their ambitions. While 60% of HR leaders believe their companies provide clear career paths, only 36% of employees agree.  The impact?  41% of employees would leave their current company for better career options.  Don't lose your best talent!    

The BOLD Career Journey™ is a simple and flexible framework with a common vocabulary that enables employees, leaders & HR teams to provide career path clarity for employees at any level, with any aspiration. It's the secret code that solves the promotion puzzle in two BOLD moves.

Get to Know the Four BOLD Brains™

BOLD Brain Reference_2020_05_19 (pdf)


Four BOLD Brains™

Business Brain

Operating Brain

Operating Brain


Utilizes broad ecosystem knowledge to think systematically, lead horizontally and generate unique strategies that optimize total business performance

Operating Brain

Operating Brain

Operating Brain

Developing operating mechanisms, managing large, multi-level organizations and delivering flawlessly

Develops operating and decision-making mechanisms to deliver flawlessly and drive continuous improvement - without being in all the details, all the time

Leadership Brain

Leadership Brain

Leadership Brain


Develops talent as individuals and as a group, creates an engaging environment that inspires success and communicates with emotional intelligence

Domain Brain

Leadership Brain

Leadership Brain


 Combines a strong foundation of functional and product knowledge with humility and curiosity, to fuel a hunger for continuous learning and debate

Two BOLD Moves

Three BOLD Options

BOLD Experiences

Shape your career path

"The BOLD content and sessions were really energizing! It’s already had an impact for me in how I view my role and influence.  Thanks much for sharing this material. I will be sharing with other colleagues to help them shape their thinking and career paths. Pay it forward!"

"I’ve been through a few workshops like this in the past - the differentiator with BOLD is the solid content and easily applied principles.  Thanks for bringing your education, skills, and knowledge to our team."

"The BOLD framework was very insightful and opened my eyes to a new way to think about potential jobs."

Articulate your readiness

"Preparing for a C-Suite job interview, the BOLD  framework provided a way to think differently about my career experiences and  articulate how those experiences built the competencies necessary for success in my new senior leadership role."